About this website

I have been a member of Overeaters Anonymous for many years  While searching for meetings that emphasized the Big Book (AA's affectionate name for their primary text Alcoholics Anonymous), I found the PPGOA meeting. The recovery I heard from the members of this group was so inspiring I immediately began to attend the Sunday meeting regularly.  This website is my attempt to be of service to the group and to those compulsive eaters who have not yet found recovery.  I am  resonsible for this website and its contents.  While the group is not directly affiliated with this site, they have been supportive of my interest in to creating it.  Group members have reviewed its content.  Corrections. suggestions and comments should be directed to me, using the "Contact Us" link.

Regina E.

San Diego California

Primary Purpose Group of Overeaters Anonymous​

​​ We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively and we are excited to share the solution we have found with those who still are suffering.

About Us

     The Primary Purpose Group of Overeaters Anonymous (PPGOA) is a registered group of Overeaters Anonymous.  Our group was founded on February 13, 2011.  The founding members wanted to start a group where the focus would be on the program of recovery of Alcoholics Anonymous as described in their primary text, Alcoholics Anonymous.  Their inspiration was the Primary Purpose Group of Alcoholics Anonymous (PPGAA), in Dallas Texas.

     From the Dallas group we learned that the only way to have permanent recovery was to have a spiritual awakening as the result of working the 12 steps and following the directions outlined in the primary text.  Our founding members realized they were trying to have a spiritual awakening by going to Overeaters Anonymous meetings and following food plans, and it wasn't working.

     Focusing on the steps they were able to recover from compulsive eating and this meeting came into existence. The only requirement for membership in this group is the desire to stop eating compulsively.  If you can't stop eating compulsively, are unable to stay on a food plan, or when you do stop you can't stay stopped, give us a try.  We want to be helpful to you.  Carrying the message of recovery is an important part of our own recovery.