Why do you only have one meeting per week?

We have one meeting where we learn what to do and we put that into action during the rest of the week.

How do I get started? How can I find a recovered compulsive eater to help me?

Contact us and we will have a recovered compulsive eater, who is a sponsor contact you within 24 hours.  Use the contact us tab above or email us at: info@ppgoa.org

What is the food plan members of your group use?

There is no food plan.

How can I stop overeating without a food plan?

Our experience is that food plans do not facilitate long term recovery from compulsive eating. Instead we have found that by taking the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous and by precisly following the simple program of recovery which is outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous our mental obsession is removed. It no longer exists for us.  We recover.

Why do you say you have recovered, instead of saying you are recovering?

Many of our members call themselves recovered because they no longer have the obsession or compulsion to eat compulsivly.  The authors of the book Alcoholics Anonymous frequently refer to themselves as recovered.

Why do you only use the book Alcoholics Anonymous?

Directions for the program of recovery used by those who first recovered from alcoholism can only be found in this book.  We find that this program also works for compulsive eaters.

Are meetings important?

Our meetings are a place where you can learn from the experience of those who have recovered from compulsive eating.  At our meeting we study the book Alcoholics Anonymous to learn how the first 100, who authored the book) recovered.  Meetings are also a good place to carry the message once you have recovered and to find newcomers who need help.​

Frequently Asked Questions